Yes, COVID (Mask) Mouth Is Real!

As if COVID weren’t enough of a threat to our health and safety, we also have to beware of the risks to our oral health resulting from this once-in-a-century global pandemic.

But first, the good news!

Your friends at Aesthetic Family Dentistry are here to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums with exceptional preventive care in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. Not only have we taken steps to ensure our dental office exceeds the CDC’s recommended standards for safety and infection control, but we’re committed to our ongoing efforts in the early intervention of anything that threatens your oral health.

To do that, we need to see you! If you’ve been putting off your next hygiene appointment, we urge you to visit us soon so we can make sure your mouth is protected from two significant dental problems we are seeing every single day in our Cave Creek office – both of which seem to be yet another consequence of COVD-19.

#1 – Stress Is Taking Its Toll On Teeth!

We’ve been seeing this issue for months, and now, the research confirms it. Dentists are reporting a higher incidence of patients who have cracked and broken teeth, which is likely linked to the surge of stress so many of us are experiencing because of the pandemic.

People who are already prone to grinding and clenching their teeth can be more susceptible to dental wear and tear, as well as painful jaw problems, as a result of this often involuntary response to stress. And 2020 has certainly given us all plenty to stress about!

#2 – Face Masks & Free Time Aren’t So Great For Smiles

Another problem we’re noticing more and more each day is a higher rate of new cavities and gum disease. Again, the stress caused by the current health crisis likely has a lot to do with it, especially given what we already know about the negative impact of stress on the immune system.

But along with that, there is the added complication of wearing face masks over the last several months. The science shows that wearing a face mask dries out the mouth more easily, which creates a haven for harmful oral bacteria that attack teeth and gums.

People are also giving that bad bacteria more fuel to thrive and fester in their mouths. That’s because quarantines, lockdowns, and working remotely have left many people stuck at home with more time to snack on junk food or bake their favorite sweet treats. The excess sugar and carbohydrates are comforting in a time when we definitely need some comfort. But all that yummy goodness also attracts bacteria, the same kind that causes cavities and gum disease.

So, it looks like face masks and more time at home aren’t the best combination for your smile. We’re all doing our part to stay safe during the pandemic, but it’s not without a higher risk for tooth decay, cavities, and periodontal infection. And we see the proof nearly every day in our Cave Creek practice.

While we do encourage you to practice moderation when it comes to sugar and refined carbs, we would never suggest that people shouldn’t wear masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We just want to make sure our patients know that some of these protective measures also mean your routine dental hygiene visits are more important than ever.

It’s our job to help you minimize the risk for cavities and gum disease with dental cleanings and exams so these problems don’t go unchecked, become more serious, and require more involved, costly dental treatment. And it’s a job we take very seriously!

That’s why we invite you to call Aesthetic Family Dentistry today at 480-420-9562 and schedule your next dental appointment in Cave Creek, AZ. We’ll take every precaution and provide excellent care to keep you safe, healthy, and happy!