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The Top 5 Best Foods and the Top 5 Worst Foods for your Pearly White Teeth

Many people struggle with managing their smile and shiny white teeth. Acidic foods and drinks like coffee, stain and yellow teeth. Keeping teeth naturally white is often a challenge, and most individuals focus on using artificial methods and treatments to correct damage and not try to control the damage at the elementary level. The whiteness of your teeth can definitely be managed naturally by eating certain foods. Here are the top five of the best and worst foods to eat for shiny white teeth.

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Best Foods

  1. Strawberries: Some foods whiten teeth naturally. Strawberries are full antioxidants and though they can sometimes be messy to eat, they contain a special enzyme called malic acid. This enzyme is very useful in naturally whitening your teeth and keeping plaque from building up over time.
  2. Apples: This fruit is very useful in helping to whiten teeth because it increases the saliva production in your mouth. Therefore, it helps rinse out staining juices and residues that could be left on the teeth and cause discoloration after a certain length of time.
  3. Carrots: Like Apples, this vegetable is quite tasty. On top of all of its other great sources of vitamins and minerals, carrots also help increase saliva production and help keep teeth looking white and vibrant.
  4. Oranges: While too much acidity can damage teeth, some acidity acts as a natural bleach and helps keep teeth looking fresh and white. Oranges are the perfect fruit for this, rather than lemons, because they have a mild acid content. They taste good, provide high quantities of Vitamin C and keep your teeth white! Truly a powerful fruit!
  5. Baking Soda: Baking soda is a natural teeth aid. Try baking soda from the box if you are unhappy with toothpaste brands that contain baking soda already. Baking soda is proven to remove plaque better than other chemicals and has been used for many years as a home remedy for teeth whitening. Give it a shot and you will not be disappointed.

Now that you know top 5 foods that act as natural teeth whiteners, here is the list of 5 food items that affect the whitening of the teeth:

Worst Foods

  1. Coffee: Drinking excessive coffee can stain your teeth over time. It also causes your teeth to become sticky and more prone to bacteria and cavities. While a cup of coffee is good every once a while, try to avoid drinking it every day.
  2. Wine: Grape juice and wines lead to staining of the teeth. Grapes contain strong color compounds that stick to your teeth and permanently stain them. Avoid consuming large amounts of either.
  3. Tea: While tea seems healthier and lighter than most coffees, black tea can actually stain your teeth worse than coffee. It is best to be careful when choosing your drinks as it might not only affect your health but also the oral health.
  4. Crackers: Saline crackers release sugars into the mouth and gunk up the crevices of your mouth. Stop yourself from munching on this addictive snack too often.
  5. Sports Drinks: While they are deceptively healthy, these drinks are highly acidic and stain your teeth if you aren’t careful.

Have you noticed that most foods that are good for you are also good for your teeth? Trust your instincts and try to gauge foods before you eat them in order to ensure that you are protecting your pearly white teeth. Read more about good oral practices HERE.

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