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Invisalign Before & After Photos

Below are before and after pictures of real patients that we have helped get beautiful smiles using Invisalign in North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and the surrounding metro area.


Angelica came in and was concerned about over crowded upper and lower teeth, mispositioned eye teeth, and she was unhappy with the color of her teeth.


9 months of Invisalign along with retainers to maintain teeth position at the end of the Invisalign treatment along with Zoom Whitening.


Angelica is ecstatic with her revived smile with no more over crowding!


Liz was in her mid 30’s and was concerned about over crowdedness on her lower front teeth. She was also seeing movement of her side upper front teeth. She had had braces in her teens and had only wore retainers for a few years. We are often refer to this kind of situation as “ortho relapse.”


Invisalign aligners were used for the upper and lower teeth.
Treatment time was about six months.


Liz is happy to have her overlapping teeth corrected and is loving her smile again!


Jonna was concerned with spacing and rotated upper front teeth.She had an existing orthodontic retainer wire on the upper front teeth from previous orthodontics. She felt that the teeth never actually were perfectly aligned and that they are shifting more even with the wire in place. She had “traumatic occlusion” on her front teeth which was causing the movement and spacing of the teeth both upper and lower. She also had a challenging time keeping her gums clean around the wire.


Our plan was to remove the ortho wire and start Invisalign on both her upper and lower teeth.  After 6 months of treatment, her bite was corrected and her teeth were aligned beautifully including closing the spaces that had bothered her previously on the upper side teeth.


Jonna was very pleased with the results and now will wear a clear retainer to maintain her teeth position and stability and allow her to maintain her gum health more efficiently.


Tina has been a patient for a number of years and has done a great job to get her mouth healthy. Recently, we discussed how her lower front teeth have been getting more crowded. She reported that her upper front teeth had been moved after an accident years ago and she thought that there was not much that could be done to correct it other than traditional wire and metal braces.


We introduce Invisalign to her and after 9 months of treatment the results were tremendous.


Tina reports being able to clean and take care of the teeth better and easier than before. She loves the change in her smile! She hopes to encourage her husband to go through a similar treatment.


He was concerned with his lower front teeth, particularly the one which has moved dramatically out of position. The movement of the lower teeth was starting to move the upper front teeth as well and chip their biting edges.


Alex underwent invisalign therapy for just under a year.


All front teeth were aligned and the biting edges of the upper teeth smoothed out. Alex can now floss easier and his bite is even.


This patients chief complaint were his crowded lower front teeth which were starting to move the upper front teeth out of alignment. He also didn’t like his deep bite.


Less than 9 months of Invisalign


His teeth are now in alignment and the deep bite is minimized. The teeth and gums are now easier to take care of as well.

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Below are some additional patients that have received Invisalign treatment:



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