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Introducing Identafi: An Oral Cancer Detection Device

Identafi is a device that helps dentists save lives by detecting oral cancer in its earliest stages. The traits of oral cancer are not visible to the naked eye in the early going, so having this tool at their disposal helps dentists protect their patients to a greater degree.

Identafi works by using fluorescence to diagnose oral cancer. Let’s explore Identafi in a little more detail.

Why Choose Identafi?

As we all know, cancer can be a fatal disease, which, if not treated in the early stages, can take lives. In fact, according to reports, one person dies from oral cancer in the United States every hour.

One of the main reasons for such a huge number of deaths is the fact that this type of cancer is hard to detect. However, thanks to Identafi, it’s possible to detect the disease and start treatment. It’s said that oral cancer is easier to treat when discovered in the early stages, making Identafi a very important component of your dentist’s tool box.

The device helps to identify abnormal tissue behavior in the mouth with the help of light rays. There are no side effects of using Identafi as the wavelengths it passes are not harmful.


Screening Tests With Identafi

Screening tests involve the visual inspection of the mouth tissues. The device gives off light which makes it easier for the dentist to note changes in the tissue and thoroughly examine the affected areas.

The light is quite strong and reaches the parts of the mouth that are hard to see. This makes it easy for the dentist to point out even the smallest areas where cancer might be developing.

The following areas in the mouth are covered by the light reflected by Identafi:

  • Tonsillar pillars
  • Oral pharynx
  • Floor of the mouth
  • Border of the tongue
  • Retromolar trigone

The test results are positive if:

  • The presence of red or white lesions are found in the mouth.
  • The borders of the tongue seem irregular.
  • The tissue doesn’t look firm, and palpable changes in the mouth are observed.
  • The cervical lymph nodes seem enlarged.

Identafi’s Small Size Makes It Easy to Use

This device fits perfectly inside the mouth as it has a sleek, pen-like structure. As far as its usability is concerned, all a dentist needs to do is place the device in the mouth and turn it with a gentle press.

The dentist then examines every nook and cranny inside the mouth to find signs of oral cancer. This device might penetrate deep, but it doesn’t inflict any kind of pain or cause irritation for the patient. In fact, you’ll be relaxed throughout the entire process!

The Verdict on Identafi

Around 57% of dental consultants are happy and satisfied with the use of Identafi as it helps them detect oral cancer with much greater ease as compared to other oral cancer detection methods.

In other words, Identafi is one of the best tools we currently have to detect oral cancer. If you’re concerned about developing oral cancer or have further questions about Identafi, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (480) 515-0404.

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