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Tips to Ensure That Your Dentist is Trustworthy

It’s no secret that many people have an anxiety about visiting the dentist. This prevents many people from getting the crucial care they need for their oral and overall well-being. They fear that they will not receive adequate care or fear that they will be given unnecessary treatments at a high cost. Unfortunately, there are some in the dental field that will take advantage of patients to make an extra buck. Here are a few ways to gauge whether or not your dentist is trustworthy!

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Desperate Pressure for Urgent Treatment:

One way to tell if you can trust your North Scottsdale dentist is the sense of urgency in treatment. Granted, some cases require immediate attention, but many treatments do not. If every person in the office is telling you that you must pay for the treatment today or the world will end and all your teeth will fall out, it is probably best to seek out a second opinion.

A Clear Explanation of All Treatment:

You should have NO DOUBT in your mind when it comes to understanding what the dentist recommends. He or she should explain everything to you in detail, and even share pictures and videos to help you understand.  If the dentist is not taking out the time to explain what the service is and why you need it, then maybe it’s time to find another dentist.

Referrals and Reputation:

How did you hear about this particular dentist? Were they referred to you by friends or family? Did you find them on Groupon? Were they the first practice listed on your dental insurance? It’s important to find out what people are saying about your dentist. In the age of technology it is easier to find out about your dentist even if you were not personally referred. Check out sites like Yelp.com or even search their name on Google to see what comes up. This will either give you piece of mind about your dentist or will have you searching for another.

Get a Second Opinion:

Remember, the ball is always in your court.  If something makes you feel uneasy, just find another dentist and get a second opinion.  When seeking your second opinion, don’t reveal too much information about the first encounter; enable the new dentist to offer his unbiased diagnosis.It’s your mouth and you are entitled to “shop around” for someone you trust with it!

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