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How Can You Effectively Take Care of Your Fillings ?

Have you recently gotten a filling or two? If so, then you hopefully you paid close attention when your dentist in Cave Creek AZ explained how to maintain your fillings. They can be delicate, and for that reason it is necessary to give them the attention they deserve.

Early Care for Fillings

The process of getting this type of dental work is easy and fairly painless, taking only about an hour in the dentist’s chair (or less depending on the severity of the cavity). However, if you don’t care for your filling properly, you could have to visit the dentist and have all the work done again.

For one, they may feel uncomfortable for a short while after you receive them. Your teeth may be sensitive in the area-impacted. For this reason, you should avoid extremes in temperature of the food and drink you have for up to a couple of months afterwards.

Foods that may leave you sucking some air (hurting) are ice cream, coffee, cold fruit, soup, and similar foods.

If this happens, consider toothpaste that is designed for sensitive teeth.

You also should watch out for how hard you bite down, as it could cause discomfort. It may be a matter of the dentist not filing them down enough. So be 100% certain that before you leave the dentist, you are comfortable with your new filling.

proper care for fillings

Further Treatment

If you learn that your fillings do not fit perfectly when you bite down, you’ll need to schedule another appointment with your dentist. Most dentists will fix this for no charge.

Another issue that occurs sometimes is that they can be too close to one another. If you notice excessive pain for longer than the normal amount of time, call your dentist to have it looked over. Gold and silver fillings commonly are like this (though rarely are these used anymore), but it can also happen with the composite (white fillings)

Cleanliness Is Key with Fillings

Of course you just want to get your fillings done once, right? Getting them is no fun. How do you maintain your fillings properly?

Regularly brushing. Usually brushing with an electric toothbrush will get your mouth the cleanest.

Regular flossing. This helps you prevent cavities, but as you floss around your filling you can make sure that there’s no way that any food is getting under or between your filling and tooth.

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