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Does Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves sedating the patient while performing dental procedures such as dental implants and root canals.

Dental phobia is one of the most common phobias in the world, and is also one of the main reasons why people refrain from visiting their dentist. However, with the help of sedation dentistry, even the most painful procedures can be performed without any problem.

A number of dentists have reported that they’ve met patients who’ve literally walked out of the room when they saw the tools that were to be used to chip off their teeth. However, teeth are one of the most important parts of your body and losing one or several teeth can do severe damage, which is why it is important to get treated.

Dentists use several techniques to reduce fear, but sedation dentistry is said to be the most effective one.

The process involves sedating a patient by giving them anesthesia, which puts them in a sleep-like state. This allows the patient to perform the procedure without any trouble, while the patient feels no pain.

There are different levels of sedation based on the technique used. The method used depends on how painful the procedure is that you are to undergo and how scared you are.

Since sedation is a major part of dentistry, almost all dentists now offer sedation dentistry. However, one needs to be licensed to use anesthesia since it involves risks.

When you sign up or a complex procedure, the amount usually includes sedation. However, in some cases you will have to request to be sedated and pay for the sedation treatment.


This cost of sedation dentistry can add up, which is why it is important to know if sedation dentistry is covered under dental insurance. Let’s find out more:

Does A Normal Dental Insurance Company Cover Sedation Industry?

Most dental insurance plans don’t cover sedation. However, there are certain exemptions here. Most insurance plans cover sedation dentistry if the insured is over a specific age or disabled. Apart from that sedation dentistry is not covered under a regular dental insurance plan.

However, some expensive insurance plans do cover sedation dentistry. Still, there are  limits to how much is covered, and your insurance might not necessarily pay for the full treatment.

The cost of sedation depends upon the dose of the sedation a dentist is using on you. A mild sedative can cost up to $100 to $200 and some dental insurance plans cover them. However, heavy doses aren’t covered by a normal dental insurance plan.

To know if your dental insurance plan covers sedation dentistry, you need to get in touch with your insurance provider and figure out what costs they will cover.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Manage Anxiety and Undergo Even the Most Painful Procedures

It is normal to feel anxious when it comes to dental procedures. However, this anxiety has several drawbacks. It can prevent people from getting treatment altogether, as the fear forces individuals to avoid dental visits, a mistake that may worsen the situation.

However, sedation can make things easy. Once you know you will not feel any pain, you are more open to the idea of visiting a dentist and going under even the most complex of procedures.

A small sedative dose can numb your mouth or area to be worked on and you won’t feel a thing. Even a mild sedative called Anxiolysis can take care of your anxiety. Under the influence of the sedative, you can respond to verbal commands but won’t be able to feel your mouth.

Allow the Dentist To Feel At Easy

Sedation not only helps patients, but also allows dentists to do their job well. When a patient is sedated, he or she does not move their head or respond to pain, as a result the dentist can perform their job easily and quickly.

What To Do If Sedation Dentistry Is Not Included In The Insurance Plan?

Sedation dentistry is costly which is why it is not included in most of the dental insurance plans. Therefore, you need to look for a plan that covers sedation dentistry, or opt for a plan that is tailor made for this type of dentistry.


Sedation dentistry is a must if you are afraid of dentists. It can make your life easier and allow you to get healthy teeth without any problem.

We at Aesthetic Family Dentistry have experienced Cave Creek AZ dentists that know the ins and outs of sedation. Call (480) 515-0404 to know more about sedation dentistry and related insurance plans.

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