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5 Benefits of Invisalign

Misaligned or crooked teeth are very common dental problems that can lead to toothaches, issues when eating and biting, and can prevent you from smiling.

A recent survey says around 20% of people don’t have a normal bite –  and luckily Invisalign can help straighten those teeth.

Gone are the days where you’ll find people with metal braces. Today, metal braces have been largely replaced by Invisalign invisible braces because they work faster, are easier to handle, and easier to maintain. According to another survey, the satisfaction rate of Invisalign is over 96%!

Also known as clear braces, Invisalign is becoming more popular because they are said to be a better option than traditional braces.

Here are some of the benefits of using Invisalign:

  • No wear and tear in the dental structure
  • They’re transparent – no one will know you’re wearing them
  • Lead to healthier gums
  • Extremely comfortable – you won’t even know they’re there
  • Can be removed on your own (No professional required)
  • Less visits to your dentist because you can clean them yourself

Pretty cool, right? Keep reading to find out more about the amazing benefits of Invisalign and why they are better than traditional braces:

1. They’re Completely Unnoticeable

One of the major reasons why people prefer Invisalign over traditional braces is because they are completely unnoticeable when worn.

Invisalign is composed of a clear material, which means you can wear them without anyone even noticing them.

Many people don’t like the idea of getting braces because they don’t want everyone to know they have them. Traditional braces are very noticeable, can make it hard to talk or eat certain foods, and can make your mouth feel weird. All of these things can make you feel uncomfortable in social settings and smile less.

Invisalign, however, is very different. When you’re wearing Invisalign, you’ll be able to communicate with people confidently and easily. You’ll also smile more often as your teeth straighten without anyone noticing you’re wearing the braces.

Invisalign invisible braces benefits

2. They’re Easily Removable

One of the best things about Invisalign is that you can easily remove them without needing to visit your dentist. Plus, they’re also very easy to maintain and clean.

It can be a struggle and hassle to maintain traditional braces, as they do require more visits to the dentist. Sticky foods can also get caught in metal braces and can be hard to clean.

The approximate time to clean traditional braces is around 15 to 20 minutes. While it only takes minutes to remove Invisalign and make them look new again.

3. They Cause Less Wear and Tear

Traditional braces use a combination of wire and metal which can irritate the gums and even cause injury if proper care isn’t taken.

Invisalign, on the other hand, don’t cause any wear or tear on the gums or teeth. This is because the clear braces are made up of a soft and non-sharp material which doesn’t irritate or cause injuries to the gums or mouth.

Another benefit of Invisalign in Phoenix is how little risk is involved. Metal braces may lead to tooth decay, but there is no such risk involved when you use Invisalign since they do not include any meta.

4. They Work Faster

Traditional braces tend to work very slow, and can even take up to five years before they begin to show proper results. On the other hand, Invisalign is said to work much faster.

Invisalign is not only more effective than other treatments but also works faster and reduces your overall treatment time. Within just a few months using Invisalign, you’ll notice straighter teeth.

In most cases, you’ll be done with Invisalign treatment within a year or two.

5. You Can Eat Anything

It can be frustrating to have delicious food right before your eyes but not being able to eat due to having metal braces. You can’t eat chewy, sticky, or heavy food when you have braces on.

However, there are no such restrictions with Invisalign.

You can just take them off and enjoy your favorite foods without any trouble. However, make sure not to consume unhealthy foods that may affect your dental or overall health.

Invisalign Is Not For Everyone

While there are several procedures that can help you straighten your teeth, a lot of people prefer Invisalign over those other options due to Invisalign’s effectiveness, there are many different uses for Invisalign that you might not know about says Dr. Willis at Burke Dental. Burke Dental’s website discusses more advantages.

While Invisalign is easily a better option than traditional braces, it must be mentioned that Invisalign may not be for everyone. Invisalign can’t treat very complex conditions. It’s best to consult your dentist to see if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign clear braces.

Not all dentists offer Invisalign at their practice. To find a Cave Creek dentist near you that offers Invisalign, you may need to run a Google search. But if you’re in Phoenix, AZ, then give our dental office a call to schedule an Invisalign appointment today. We can’t wait to meet you and straighten your teeth!

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