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What is NuCalm?

Do you ever wish that you could get anxiety relief at the dentist without the help of any drugs?

Now you can!

NuCalm is a revolutionary, all-natural, drug-free, cost-effective, and easy-to-use method that takes the edge off of going to the dentist Cave Creek AZ. It allows you to remain calm during a dental procedure and also avoid the side effects associated with anti-anxiety medication.

It’s proven, too. Over 250,000 patients have used NuCalm, and not one has reported an adverse effect. Also, 98% were happy with the service and said they were interested in using it again at their next visit to the dentist.

The Science Behind NuCalm

In a nutshell, NuCalm has a calming effect on you by working on your brain’s waves. It helps to bring down beta brain wave function (which is what we experience during wakefulness) to the alpha and theta ranges of brain wave function (which occur when we’re relaxed).

As noted earlier, what’s unique about NuCalm is that it helps you relax naturally – there are no drugs or medications to take. That means you can get the anti-anxiety effects of NuCalm without worrying about side effects or “hangovers” from medications.

In the next section, we’ll discuss how NuCalm works.


How Does NuCalm Work?

Basically, the NuCalm system works by making people sleepy.

Users go through 4 progressive steps before they reach their peak relaxed state and are ready for their procedure to begin.

First, you’ll be given some chewable dietary supplements that will counteract the effects of natural adrenaline, enhance the subsequent three steps of the process, and make it easier to relax. For optimal results, you’ll be asked to chew the supplements thoroughly and swish them around in your mouth for about 90 seconds.

The second step is to place electric stimulation patches behind your ears. Research has shown this produces relaxing effects. The tool used in this step is known as the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Device (CES). Don’t worry: CES is FDA-approved and has been in use for over 50 years.

Next, you’ll put on some headphones that cancel noise and are set to soothing music that will bring your mind to the pre-sleep stage. The music is played precisely with different frequencies in each ear to keep your brainwaves between 12 Hz and 4 Hz, which is the optimal range for the Alpha to Beta stages of sleep.

The last step is to put on a mask that blocks your vision, which is obviously a relaxing experience if the sight of a dentist office makes you uncomfortable.

It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete all the steps and reach deep relaxation and the first stages of sleep. The effects can last a long time: often it will be noticeably difficult for patients to get upset about anything for a couple of hours after the procedure, and you’ll experience lower blood pressure and a more controlled response to stress for up to days after.

The Health Benefits of NuCalm

Naturally, there are plenty of dental benefits to the NuCalm system.

For starters, by reducing your anxiety about going to the dentist, you are more apt to keep regular appointments, such as cleanings, that help keep your teeth and smile in tip-top shape.

The better care you take care of your teeth, the fewer problems that will arise as the years go on, too. However, another benefit of NuCalm is that if a major dental issue arises, you will be able to seek help and rectify the problem because you’ll know that you can use the NuCalm system to relax.

That means that no matter if you have a cavity or a broken tooth, you’re in need of braces or dentures, or want a cosmetic procedure done like teeth whitening, NuCalm can help.

Can Anyone Use NuCalm?

Not all of the steps are appropriate for everyone.

The dietary supplements aren’t recommended for pregnant women or children under 12 years of age. Likewise, anyone who has a pacemaker or a brain implant should not use the CES device, and those with claustrophobia might want to shut their eyes instead of wearing the mask.

Even if those restrictions apply to you, you can just cut out the offending step and go through with the rest of the NuCalm system to achieve nearly the same level of relaxation.

If you want to use NuCalm or learn about how much NuCalm costs, let us know. Contact us at (480) 515-0404 if you have any questions about this technology and how it might benefit you the next time you visit our office.

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