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What are some of the best candy alternatives for Halloween?

With Halloween coming up some of you may in a quandary as to what to give out the any trick or treaters that come to your door. One the one hand you want to be the cool house and have things that they’ll like, but you also want to respect their teeth and realize their lack of self control. There are some cool options, for the in home parties, costumed kids w ho don’t like candy and parents opening the door who know better.

best candy alternatives for Halloween

Apple Teeth Treats

We posted these treats on our Facebook page the other day.  Simply cut an apple into slices and spread peanut butter (or caramel….maybe) on one side of 2 slices.  Then take some marshmallows and put them on one slice where the peanut butter is, put the other apple slice on top and you have an edible slice of ‘teeth’.  This is a great treat if you’re having guests at your home and want to be creative, while allowing them to have something seasonal too.

Canned goods

This one is for the philanthropic trick or treater.  What would your reaction be to a child that came to your door in their Halloween costume and asked for canned goods that they would donate to a local food bank? Sure the odds on that happening are slim, but what if you r child wanted to do that?  Wouldn’t that be great, teach them a lesson and do it all for a great cause?


This is a collection of things, possible army men, small affordable gifts in bulk, pennies, nickels, bouncy balls and more.  There are lots of ways to do this that all revolve on how great the gifts are.  If the gifts are all relatively equal then you could let the children pick one on their own.

However, if the gifts aren’t all equal, then you could put them in separate bags (depending on the amount of kids) or hide them under a series of cups.  Once the gifts are hidden under the cups, let the costumed kids pick their own treat.

Getting a ‘thing’ or giving away pocket change may seem like a lot for Halloween, but think about how much a large bag of candy is.  That big bag of candy can be $9, purchase two of them and you’re in the same range as a couple bags of ‘things’ from a wholesaler.

Do you have any additional non-candy ideas for Halloween?  Also, if you’d like some daily dental hygiene tips you can find us on Facebook!

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