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The all-natural way to experience a relaxing dental visit.

We know our patients are looking for greater comfort and faster dental appointments, which is why we are proud to introduce NuCalm®, a revolutionary all-natural technology.  Our patients love the comfort of the NuCalm dental experience.

To date over 81,700 dental patients across the United States have experienced a relaxing dental appointment with NuCalm. Deep relaxation is achieved through 4 simple steps.  NuCalm is administered by our team at the beginning of your appointment and most patients experience deep relaxation within 3 to 5 minutes.  While listening to soothing music, you will relax comfortably in the chair for the entire appointment and will simply not care about the dentistry being done.  Once your dental appointment is completed, you can leave our office immediately with no side effects, no impairments, and no recovery time.

How does NuCalm work?

Step 1: All-natural chew tablets containing a proprietary formulation of all-natural ingredients responsible for rapidly creating a natural relaxation response. The chewable tablets will not counteract or interfere with any medications or dietary restrictions.

NuCalm Step 1 All Natural Chew Tablets

Step 2: FDA-cleared mild microcurrent stimulation patches are placed behind the each ear. Research shows this helps to rapidly facilitate the relaxation response.

NuCalm Step 2 Microstimulation Patches Behind the Ear

Step 3: Soothing music listened to through noise-dampening headphones. Layered in the soothing music is proprietary neuroacoustic software designed to facilitate deep relaxation.

NuCalm Step 3 Headphones and Music

Step 4: Light-blocking glasses are used to remove visual stimuli and maintain relaxation.

NuCalm Step 4 Light Blocking Glasses

NuCalm can be a part of your next dental treatment.  Ask a staff member how you can experience NuCalm during your next visit or simply fill out the form below and we will give you a call to setup your next appointment.

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